Our Services


As the authorized distributor of SUN Hydraulic in Turkiye, our sales activities are focused on SUN Hydraulics products. By keeping the majority of SUN Hydraulics product range in stock in large quantities, we satisfy customer demands quickly and completely. In our sales activities carried out through our headquarters in Ankara and our Istanbul branch, we give the best customer service under any circumstances, through our knowledgeable and experienced sales staff.


We manufacture hydraulic control blocks using our “5-Axis Design” and “5-Axis Manufacturing” capabilities. Thus, we offer users more compact blocks and less plugs. Compact blocks results with low costs and aesthetic appearance. The use of less plugs also provides a lower probability of leakage and less service complaints. In addition to that, the advantages of SUN Cavity gives us opprtunity to drill the holes in the block at optimum diameters and offer blocks with lower pressure losses. This results with less heating and less energy loss. With the awareness that time is the most important capital in today's industrial conditions, we offer short delivery times to users by the help of our fast and flexible manufacturing structure.